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how to glue rc car tires

Gluing RC car tires is an important step to ensure that they stay securely attached to the wheel rims during intense driving. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to glue RC car tires:

  1. Gather the necessary materials: You will need RC car tire glue (specifically designed for bonding rubber to plastic), a clean cloth or paper towel, and the tires and wheels you wish to glue.
  2. Prepare the surfaces: Clean both the inside of the tire and the wheel rim where they will be bonded. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any dirt, debris, or residue. Ensure that both surfaces are dry and free from any contaminants that could affect the bonding process.
  3. Apply the glue: Apply a small amount of RC car tire glue to the inner edge of the tire. Spread it evenly around the circumference of the tire, ensuring that it covers the entire bonding area. Be careful not to use too much glue as it can cause excess to squeeze out when attaching the tire to the wheel rim.
  4. Position the tire on the wheel rim: Carefully place the tire onto the wheel rim, aligning it properly. Start by aligning one section of the tire bead with the rim and gradually work your way around, pressing the tire onto the rim firmly.
  5. Press and hold: Apply even pressure around the circumference of the tire, pressing it firmly onto the wheel rim. Hold the tire in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to bond the rubber to the plastic rim. This helps to ensure a strong and secure bond.
  6. Check for excess glue: After holding the tire in place, inspect the tire and wheel rim for any excess glue that may have squeezed out. If there is any excess glue, carefully wipe it away with a cloth or paper towel before it dries.rc crawle rtires
  7. Allow time to dry: Set the wheel aside in a safe and flat area to allow the glue to fully cure. Follow the instructions provided with the specific RC car tire glue you are using for recommended drying time.
  8. Repeat for additional tires: If you have more tires to glue, repeat the process for each tire, ensuring proper alignment and applying glue evenly around the bonding area.

Please note that it’s essential to use glue specifically designed for bonding rubber to plastic, as general-purpose adhesives may not provide a secure and long-lasting bond. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific RC car tire glue you are using to achieve the best results.

Take care when working with glue and be mindful of any potential hazards or skin contact. Ensure you work in a well-ventilated area and follow any safety guidelines provided by the glue manufacturer.

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